Pest control

How about Bed Bugs:

Bed bugs are small insects without wings that feed on the blood of humans and animals while they sleep. Housed in the articles they infest, they can be transported easily from one room to another. Bed bugs can’t easily climb over the metal or polished surfaces and even less to fly or jump.

The Bedbug cot or bed bug called colloquially Chip of beds is the species best adapted to human environments. It is found in temperate climates worldwide. Hotel, guest house, hospital, nursing home, nursery, school, dormitory are the privileged places of contamination. Our Grand Parents rear well knew what harmful.

How kill bed bugs:

Although there is no permanent solution for Getting rid of bed bugs but Using the following tools and process you can find bed bugs and kill them easily:

  • Using A flashlight: Bedbugs hide in dark places and cracks. They are dark brown, but can be light brown if you have not fed. This makes it very difficult to see. When you are looking for, hold your lamp parallel to the surface being inspected by hand. This will make the bugs and their eggs have a shadow, which will facilitate finding them.
  • Using A playing card or old credit card: They are made ​​of plastic or plastic covers are what allows them to be pushed into holes or cracks  Moving tips card along cracks and holes, can push the bugs out of the holes where they can be caught.
  • Using A roll of tape: . it wide, plastic, transparent tape for packaging is particularly good because it helps you catch bugs, and can see them more closely to confirm that you are bedbugs  As you see insects, or as the long holes, keep the adhesive side of the tape exposed to catch them quickly.
  • Using A cloth and hot soapy water:  Like tape, the cloth with warm water may help to catch bugs Keep a bucket of water handy and as clean the area, check surfaces and cloth then put it in the water. Wring the cloth to get rid of excess water; no need to leave the cleaning surface very wet. Also, check the area you just cleaned because the heat may cause the hungry bugs are out. The cloth is particularly effective when it encounters a group or groups of bedbugs. Keep in mind that wet surfaces will reduce the effectiveness of the tape as a method to catch the bugs.
  • Using Plastic bags:   shopping bags and garbage are helpful to keep items such as clothing and bedding, which may be infested, away from other objects. The meter can be infested objects in bags, it helps move these objects without dispersing bedbugs.

How to stop bed bug bites:

Following through the steps below we can get ride of bed bug bites.

  1. Washing bedding and clothes with hot water instead of cold water. Once the wash cycle has finished, place the items in the dryer at least once. The drying cycle starts again once you’re done, unless the label says otherwise.
  2. Place smaller items, such as stuffed animals and pillows in a sealable bag and leave them under the hot sun for several hours. Items that cannot be washed or dried must be exposed to heat to eliminate the infestation.
  1. Use a vaporizer to vaporize hand thoroughly your mattress. In most cases, water vapor is hot enough to kill the bugs. You can also leave your mattress in the sun for a few hours, when you’re done.
  1. Contact a specialist in pest control to fumigate your home. Since bed bugs nest in places other than your bed and your bedding, the whole house should be treated. Home kits are generally not recommended due to the misapplication of pesticides can be dangerous.

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